Announcing the Annual General Assembly 2022

stsing e.V. 2nd Annual General Assembly is scheduled for September, 23rd 2022 between the hours of 13-17 CEST (changes may apply) in decentralized local hubs.

By choosing the format of hubs , we hope to combine the best of online conferencing and physical conventions. Hubs require less travel and resources than large physical conferences, while still allowing us to gather and mingle with colleagues. For this to work, we need volunteering members who host a shared screening and open their facilities to other members . The board supports the organisation of hubs. Closer to the event the board will provide a list of hubs and contact info for others to register with. Please reach out to us via email if you have questions or require any assistance in planning a hub.

The General Assembly will be flanked by two exciting keynotes/panel discussions. Details will be shared on our mattermost. Stay tuned!

The preliminary agenda will be circulated prior to the event and, in accordance with the statutes, members are encouraged to add items until 2 weeks before the meeting (in this case: September, 9th). More info follows soon.