The stsing e.V. Code of Conduct + Annex

The stsing e.V. Code of Conduct + Annex

Over the past year, the CoCoDI (Code of Conduct Drafting Initiative) has drafted, collected feedback from members, and finalized the first Code of Conduct for our association. The Code of Conduct was successfully voted on during our last General Assembly (March 21, 2024) at "Leakage", our inaugural conference in Dresden.

You can find the Code of Conduct here.

You can find its Annex here.

As part of the Code of Conduct and as regulated in the statutes, stsing will also establish an Ombudsgroup. A vote in the association will happen soon and we look forward to introduce you to them!

If you have questions about the Code of Conduct or want to get in touch, please contact the CoCoDI via the Best Practices Working Group channel on mattermost or via our Access Point, Markus Hoffmann (markus.hoffmann[at]