'Value-ing STS' – Towards a policy on our values

'Value-ing STS' – Towards a policy on our values

An stsing working group is organising a series of events on the values we aspire to as members of stsing, doing STS within and through Germany. With this series, we are now working towards a policy document for us as an association and for our members. Our preparation team for this series has listened to stsing members discussing their values – to their concerns, hopes and troubles in doing STS.

Themes. The conversations we encounter engage with research ethics and ethics in academia more broadly, the call for diversification and inclusion in academia and questions of working conditions that are currently discussed within Germany under the hashtags #ichbinhanna and/or #ichbinreyhan. Specific topics brought up by stsing members include research ethics, teaching ethics, precarious conditions in STS labour, gender, sexism, racism and classism.

So, are you curious about these critical topics? Then join us at our initial workshop in lieu of imagining and organising a progressive academic network for STS in Germany.

Workshop on Tuesday 31/05/2022. Our first workshop is scheduled for 31st May 2022, Tuesday, 11-14:00 (online).

With this workshop we collectively begin the process of formulating what we consider the shared values of stsing. Facilitated by members of the working group, the program centres on small discussion groups which we propose to cover the following issues: precarious academic work conditions, ethics of and in academia, diversity and inclusion. Within these groups, participants can bring their nuanced visions for the assigned topic. The output we envision takes the form of a living document, i.e. a document that is designed to be routinely discussed, negotiated and revised.

To register, let us know on our mattermost channel, or drop a line to [Ingmar Lippert](mailto:lippeing //at the server/ b-tu.de) by 30st of May, 12 noon.